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What are the main types of automotive accessories


What are the main types of automotive accessories? Let's take a brief look below:

1. Launch system

Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and components, oil seal, oil pump nozzle, fuel saver, valve tappet, oil pipe, connecting rod assembly, crankshaft camshaft, bearing and connecting rod shells, valves and components, fuel tank, piston, flywheel gear ring, tensioner, belt, turbocharger, carburetor, three-way catalytic converter, fuel radiation device, engine and accessories, and other automotive engine system accessories.

2. Walking system

Front axle, rear axle, shock absorption system, suspension system, axle housing, half axle, average block, buffer, rim, wheel hub, frame assembly, automotive tires, agricultural vehicle tires, engineering machinery tires, and other walking systems and other automotive accessories.

3. Body accessories

Car shell, doors, car glass, mirrors, license plate frame, seats and accessories, car bearings, armrests, handles, handles, grille, leaf panels, cab and accessories, safety airbags, car safety belts, glass landing gear, car antennas, wipers, car mufflers, car horns, car sealing strip bumpers, luggage compartments, luggage racks, extrusion parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipes, and other car accessories.

4. Steering system

Tie rod assembly, tie rod, tie rod ball joint, center tie rod, steering active arm, steering driven arm, steering gear dust cover, steering gear assembly, steering shock absorber, steering power pump, steering gear gasket repair kit, power steering oil tank, tie rod adjustment bolt, steering driven arm liner, power steering pipe, steering knuckle, steering wheel, and other steering system automotive accessories.

The lever ball joint, also known as the ball joint extension rod, is a lever ball joint in manual transmission. Its level of meticulousness is the highest, mainly due to the amount of stress deformation and the use of fatigue resistance function.

5. Braking system

Brake pads, clutches, conflict pads, air shrink machines, handbrake, bracket, axle head, vacuum booster, brake shoes, brake pump, cable, clip, brake assembly, brake pot, brake chamber, brake drum, slider, lifting ear, control valve, dryer, brake disc, anti lock brake system/ABS.

The above are the main types of automotive accessories, hoping to be helpful to you.

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